Saturday, 5 January 2008

Mama Mikes update

I received this email (copied and pasted) from Mama Mikes. I guess many that used them recently did too, but thought I'd share...


We are writing to you from our office for the first time in 9 days since our elections in Kenya. Only some of us could come in. One of our team members sleeps during the day so at night she keeps watch outside her home for the possible outbreak of violence in her area. Each of us has experienced frustration, pain and disbelief at our country’s situation.
Up until now, we have been unable to reply to your many emails, smss, phone calls and voice mails. We also have not fulfilled many of your orders, especially airtime orders. The overwhelming demand for airtime, forced us to prioritize how we sent the available airtime we managed to get. We sent airtime to people whose messages expressed a desperate situation. We then fulfilled orders with smaller denominations. In unusual circumstances we made unusual choices.

As of writing this email to you, there is calm in parts of Nairobi. We are now working overtime to fulfill your pending order.

If you no longer need us to continue with your order, please reply with the subject: CANCEL followed by your order number. We will refund you in full.

We remain committed to making sure we live up to your expectations.

If you have something urgent you want clarified, please call us on any of the following phone numbers:



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Saturday, January 05, 2007.