Saturday, 5 January 2008

Leo kumepoa kidogo........

Thank God! I's calmer today, Vic and Wills (bro and sis) are out and about in town topping up on necessary stuff and catching up at a cyber cafe. The never happening supposedly rally starts soon (again, sigh), so they'll be off back home soon.

Pau (Pg sis in Dandoch) and her family are all okay too... things are calm down her end too and well, she's staying put bless her. A woman in her house.... she assures me that although Dandora has been awful, it's mostly huko ma phase 4 and they live in phase 2. I pray it stays that way or even better, gets back to normal soon. They've been able to get supplies locally, albeit at hugely inflated prices, sigh.

My cousin and good friend Linda in Embaa reports all is good down that end, so thank God for that.

The one thing they all report is the tension and mistrust based upon what tribe one may be... even friends are now so suspicious of each other, it's sad. Why can't we just be Kenyans, rather than Luos, Kikuyus, Kalenjins, Luhyas etc and all that 'support them'?

Sadly, I've also been told that a cousin of mine has been killed in Dandora. I didn't know him, but still... I still feel it's wise not to go out during times like these. Stay indoors, lock yourself in and stay safe. Forget looking cowardly or trying to prove a point. These lives should not be lost.

The politicians really ought to sort this out ASAP. Kenya is being reduced to... well... I don't know :-(