Monday, 29 October 2007

What hope have we got?

Corruption, and yet more corruption. It's everywhere in Kenya and in Africa. It's so blatant, and it may seem like small amounts of cash exchanging hands, but damn! It's there and it's ruining lives! I watched Sorious Samura's ''How to get ahead in Africa'' and .... well, we are doomed. Africa needs help. Not in the form of money, but in the form of education. Africa needs leaders who will say no to corruption - zero tolerance is the way to go. Then maybe in 100 years, things will get better....... I'm saddened by the state of affairs, by how poor people are and the rich will still ask for bribes to treat these poor people's sick children, teach the kids at school, to get poor people into work. I've no idea how things will ever get better, but thankfully it's not all bad, and there are things to celebrate still..... Like fresh air in the countryside, and very clear twinkling stars.... And I still love Africa.

No point to this one really, just had to write about this......