Monday, 10 September 2007

I've had it...

Okay. I've had a gentle easing into the African blogging scene, what with the music videos, courtesy of youtube. And after surfing and lurking on other African blogs, I must say I'm well impressed. whereas I blog about me, me, and a little some, these guys blog about some mega serious issues about the state of affairs in Africa. Amongst other lighter things, I hasten to add.

Wow! Somehow things don't seem so acute when read/heard on the news, and then filed away not to be looked at/heard again in passing in the future. Blogging somehow offers different views hence the *digested* news is understood more. Kinda gives a lighter take when serious stuff can be discussed and solutions offered, if possible. Sooo, no more running away from peripherally reported news, but rather embracing, disecting and thinking of solutions. Hopefully solutions are available - yikes!

I'm glad I found the African blog ring. I feel I'll become a better person for them. Okay, I sound all geeky and nerdy, but what do you expect of one off work convalescing after surgery? I've time in my hands. I can't do my gardening proper for a few weeks. So, there!